International Cooperation

The quality of life of a large metropolis is determined not only by economic growth and the related income of its citizens, but also by its comfortable environment for leisure and recreation. This direction of Ufa is given high priority. The city has 95 parks and gardens with total area of ​​520 hectares. Over the past 3 years, two new parks were created and 23 parks, alleys and gardens were completely renovated. Workers repaired walkways, installed fences, small architectural forms, and lighting poles, planted bushes, large trees.
Due to the fact that Ufa is surrounded by three navigable rivers, and the total length of its coastline is 185 kilometers, its embankments are given a special place in the programs of improvement. In Sipaylovo, the neighborhood with a population of over 100 thousand people, a flood-control dam was built and it has become a favorite vacation spot for the citizens. There are everything for hiking, biking, it is equipped with comfortable descents to the water.

However, the most ambitious project of improvement of the coastline has been the construction of a new quay near Belaya River from the railway bridge to the Friendship Monument. It will be equipped with a complete pedestrian area with viewing platforms, going down to the river, a modern lighting system, lawns and bikeways. By 2019, the citizens will get seven kilometers of the quay, it will be perfectly visible at the entrance to the city from the airport and will be a landmark or a kind of river frontage of the city.

The important feature of the urban environment is creating conditions for active recreation and sports. More than 270,000 people - a quarter of the city - do sports at least three times or three hours per week. Both professionals and amateurs have access to the infrastructure for their trainings. In Ufa, there are over 1.7 thousand sports facilities, including 360 gyms, over 760 of planar structures, more than 40 swimming pools and five stadiums. There is a large-scale process of construction of new facilities, with a focus precisely on a mass, popular sports, in the city. For example, cycling. The total length of bicycle paths within the city is more than 55 kilometers, and in 2017 the length of the road for two-wheeled transport will reach 180 kilometers. Bicycle is used by at least 30 thousand citizens, and with the creation of the new infrastructure, this figure will only grow.

The development of mass sports and physical education is contributed by reconstruction of school sports grounds, installation of bars and training complexes. Sport zone will occupy 35-40 percent of the school areas and will be used not only for physical training lessons, but by the youth and all the inhabitants of nearby houses, which invariably gives everyone a new impetus to healthy lifestyle.