Industrial Potential

Social and economic policy implemented in the Republic of Bashkortostan, contributes to sustainable and dynamic
development of economy and social sphere of the city. Ufa has about 200 large and medium-sized industrial enterprises
and more than three thousand small enterprises, producing industrial goods and services for production purposes.
The industrial complex of Ufa has diversified production structure. Fuel industry is a priority sector in the industrial
complex. Three main refineries of the republic are among largest oil companies in the country.
Enterprises of machinery building complex specialize in manufacturing complex labor-intensive precision machines
and equipment such as aircraft engines and spare parts, aircraft instruments, avionics, trolley buses, rototillers, cables,
bulbs, electronic ATE (automated telephone exchange), patching facilities, geophysical instruments and consumer
Ufa pharmaceutical companies hold leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry in supply of vitamins,
production of vaccines and other medicines.
Enterprises involved in manufacturing chemical and petrochemical products, wood products, non-metallic mineral
products as well as building materials take leading positions in Russia.
Cotton fabrics, jersey, products of national art crafts produced in Ufa are also popular in Russia.
Large agro-industrial enterprises produce meat and sausage products, dairy and confectionery products, ice
cream, beer and alcoholic beverages to provide city residents with own food.
The city enterprises export their products to more than 50 countries worldwide.
Ufa industrial enterprises annually increase volume of production by expansion of the product range, introduction of
modern equipment and advanced technologies, master of new competitive products that meet the modern requirements
of the world standards.