Investment Breakthrough

In a market economy, a fundamental factor of progressive development of territories is investment attraction. In 2014, despite the crisis and sanctions against Russia, the volume of investments in the economy of Ufa was 105.6 billion rubles, which is 3.5 percent higher than in 2013. It should be noted that back in 2010 over 60 billion rubles were invested in the city. The sharp rise in the volume of attracted funds was made possible largely due to the complex measures aimed at the improvement of the investment climate, implemented at the level of municipal authorities. In 2013 , the Investment strategy of Ufa for 2013-2018 was adopted, the municipal investment declaration was also developed and adopted, it answers the question: "how do municipal authorities interact with the investor, to protect them, contribute to the implementation of their projects." To help investors investment portal containing information on the socio-economic situation and prospects of development of the city was set up in Ufa, it also gives information on the investment markets and ongoing projects, free and rented land, relevant laws and regulations.

It should be stressed that the work with investors in Ufa is not declarative, but the city authorities have experience in a number of successful solutions to complex problems. An illustration for the above can be the construction of hotels. Until recently, the capital of Bashkortostan had no 5 star class hotel, no international hotel brands, and rooms in terms of quantity and quality were significantly inferior to the capitals of the neighboring regions. It was problematic, and sometimes major social and business events with the participation of foreign guests, that could directly affect the investment activity, were cancelled because of it. To remedy the situation, the administration of Ufa with the active support of the leadership of the Republic has managed to attract private investors who could build 7 new hotel complexes, including several well-known brands, in two years. These include the hotel Hilton Garden Inn with 138 rooms, 5-star hotel Sheraton with 161 rooms, hotel Holiday Inn Ufa with193 rooms, Hampton by Hilton with161 rooms and a number of others. The appearance of such an impressive number of modern hotels in Ufa made a convenient platform for large-scale events, including the format of the BRICS and SCO summits and it was possible primarily thanks to the support of the city and republican authorities, who were able to convince private businessmen to invest in the construction of a series of new hotels.