Irek Yalalov met with Secretary General of the International Children`s Games (ICG)

Irek Yalalov met with Secretary General of the International Children`s Games (ICG)

6 December 2017
On 6 December 2017, Irek Yalalov had meeting with Richard Smith, Secretary General of the International Children`s Games (ICG) in Ufa City Municipal District Administration. Richard Smith came to examine preparations to Summer International Children`s Games which will take place in Ufa in 2019.

During the day Richard Smith visited the venues where competitions and entertaining events will be held for children in the frames of the Games and discussed organizational issues.

At a meeting Irek Yalalov said that the city started the preparations to the International Children`s Games: organizing committee was created, competition venues were chosen.

“We don’t have any concerns about the Games preparation. Moreover, we expect many delegations from participating countries to come.  Twenty nine hotels were constructed in Ufa science the Winter International Children`s Games. We hope to have good and high-quality Summer Games in Ufa that children will remember.”

In turn, Richard Smith noted that after the games in 2013, Ufa became a significant point on the map of the Games, and expressed the hope to have high-level Games 2019.

“This is a historic moment, when both winter and summer Games will be held in the same city. It is an honor to be part of this event,” Richard Smith said. – “I was very impressed with what I saw at the sports venues, especially the Sports Training Center, where the competitions in fencing and swimming are planned.”

IMore than 1500 athletes from all over the world are expected to participate, in particular, the following teams from Russia, Western Europe, USA, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan, etc., will take part in the competitions.

The Ufa team has been participating in the Games since 2011. In 2013, International Children's Games were held in Ufa and for the first time in Russia. They were attended by teams from 60 cities in 20 countries. More than 25 thousand spectators visited sporting events.