High rating of the city

Independent ratings are objective confirmation of Ufa’s attractiveness for business, investments into various areas, and above all comfort of living for the city’s residents. Ufa is one of the leaders among the cities with the population of over 1 million in terms of:

Manufacturing output and paid services;

Trade turnover and catering consumption;

Average monthly wage.

The share of Ufa in the production volume of Bashkortostan accounts for 54%.

According to the objective statistical index of the urban development, Ufa ranks among eight Russian metropolitan cities being ahead of its competitors on a number of parameters.

Ufa ranks 7nd after Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Surgut, Nizhnevartovsk, Omsk and Perm in Top 250 of the largest industrial centers of Russia.

According to the results of the research “Integral rating of 100 largest Russian cities (Top 100)”, published by Urbanika Institute of territorial planning , Ufa ranked 2nd in Russia (and 1st among cities with a population over 1 million) regarding the comfort of living, being left behind only by Krasnodar.

A report issued by the Russian Union of engineers on general ranking of attractiveness of Russian cities, indicates that Ufa takes 10th place among 165 settlements with a population of over 100 thousand people.

The trade turnover of Ufa in 2014 was 450.5 billion rubles, which is 8 % higher than in the previous year.

In 2014 the Rating of modern regional cities was published which defines how many square kilometers of space is provided for 1000 citizens in modern shopping centers. Ufa ranks seventh among the cities with the population of over a million people. This data is provided by the research of “Magazin Magazinov” consulting company specializing in retail property.

In 2015 "Standard & Poor's" leading international credit agency confirmed "BB-" long-term credit rating of Ufa, Positive forecast.        

In the frames of XIII all-Russian Forum “Strategical Planning in Russian Regions and Cities” the Regular Integral Rating of 100 largest Russian cities was provided. Housing provided, transport system loading level, modern consumption forms, criminal rate, possibility to purchase housing, housing and services expenses level, purchasing power and many other most important criterions were the basis of the Rating of 100 largest Russian cities. The rating is presented for the fourth time by the experts of “Urbanika” Territorial Planning Institute in the Forum.       

In February, 2015 Ufa ranked first among the 15 Russian cities with the population of over a million people on the level of the bank offices provided for its citizens. This data is provided by the research of “Magazin Magazinov” consulting company specializing in retail property. According to the information published about 66 bank offices are provided for 100 thousand adult citizens.

In April, 2015 Ufa city was in “the 25 most developing Russian cities” rating given by “RBK” Magazine. The experts estimated and compared the growth of business activity in large settlements with the population of more than 150 thousand citizens. They tried not to consider basic the factors reflecting only the past advantages like the incomes per capita or average wages.     

What was considered and estimated is not the level of wages and amount of enterprises in the city but the growth of these indicators, i.e. the traffic streams, retail expenses and migration level as well as the amount of employable citizens working in the city itself.