Positive investment climate

Ufa can be characterized as a city with a favorable investment climate. For several years it is one of the leaders among the cities of the Russian Federation in terms of investment in capital stock. Ufa has a unique combination of significant investment potential and a high level of investment security.

Leading international and national rating agencies confirm the stability of the investment attractiveness of the capital of Bashkortostan. Ufa has successful experience of cooperation with foreign investors, including Austrian companies "Lasselsberger" and "Austrian Lotteries", Swedish "IKEA", Turkish "Anadolu Jam Sanayi", German "HeidelbergCement", Czech «Enkom» and European credit institutions.

Ufa has made considerable progress in the development of social and business infrastructure. Large multifunctional shopping centers with organized family entertainment were constructed, including such international and Russian brands as "Castorama", "METRO", "Leroy Merlin", "Auchan", "Okay", "Mega" and other. Sites in different parts of the city were given to investors for development, including 189 km of the coastal zone.

In 2012, on the territory of the city 74 projects were implemented with a total investment of over 140.5 billion roubles. In addition, 40 projects are at the final stage of development. Their indicative total amount of investment is over 74 billion roubles. The total number of jobs created within these projects exceeds 24 thousand workplaces.

Development of transport infrastructure, construction of water networks, drainage, storm sewers, water treatment plants, thermal and electrical networks, as well as housing, upgrading of existing and creation of new production companies, construction of industrial, trade facilities, entertainment and service.

Fifth largest universal bank of federal level - Uralsib - originated in Ufa.

Ufa is one of the largest investment areas today. It has been within the ten Russian cities by its investment volumes for many years.

The total investment volume for 2015 is 146 billion and 819 million Roubles. In the conditions of the socially oriented city budget the main accent of Ufa city development is made by the private assets. 90 % of the total investment volume is the private funds of investors.   

This is why Ufa City Municipal District Administration of Bashkortostan Republic is aimed mainly at creating favorable investment climate.

2013 Ufa accepted its Investment strategy till 2018. This is a program document which allows to work efficiently in the investment attraction sphere.

The investment activity standards are introduced and developed by the Agency of strategical initiatives. 

In the frames of introducing investment standards the Investment Declaration of Ufa City Municipal District was developed and accepted. The document explains how the municipal authorities cooperate with investors, protect them, provide assistance in implementing their projects.  

In order to provide the cooperation between representatives of social, scientific, business communities, state and municipal government bodies to create favorable conditions for attracting investments Social Council developing the investment climate has been operating since 2012.  

In 2014 Ufa City Municipal District Administration together with the Ministry of Economic Development of Bashkortostan Republic adopted the investment representative`s activity standard which regulates the process of cooperating with investors and the republican executive authorities. 

The most efficient form of interacting with business in the sphere of attracting investments is the public - private and municipal - private partnership. All the necessary regulatory legal framework in this field was formed within two years.   

Ufa City Municipal District Administration has a good experience of cooperating with the largest Russian banks including Sberbank, Bank of Moscow, VTB, Gazprombank, Svyaz – Bank.   

In 2016 Ufa City Municipal District Administration concluded 4 agreements with the following companies: Sogaz JSC, Rosgosstrakh PJSC, Russian Capital PJSC, Promtransbank LLC. 

The agreements provide for possible ways of cooperation including the introduction of standard investment projects and the support of holding sports, cultural and other social significant events. Today over 4 thousand such agreements are concluded.   

At the present time Ufa carries out 135 investment projects worth 179 billion rubles. If they are implemented successfully 12 thousand jobs will appear. Moreover 42 projects are about to start with the approximate investment volume of about 40 billion rubles, after which more than 4,7 thousand jobs will appear. 90 % of the total investment volume is the private funds of the investors.