The city has about 200 large and medium-sized manufacturing and industrial enterprises of construction, wood, pharmaceutical, food, light industries; high-accuracy instrumentation, complicated engineering.

Historically, this is due to the fact that during the Great Patriotic War dozens of industrial enterprises and research institutes were evacuated to Ufa from the western regions of the country. It served as a powerful impulse for the development of the city during the decades to come; predetermined scientific and industrial potential of Ufa and presence of skilled manpower in the city.

Refining and petrochemical industry plays an important role in the urban economy. The largest Russian aircraft engine production, parent company of "United Engine Building Corporation" for the production of combat aircraft engines - Ufa Engine Industrial Association is also located in Ufa. A significant part of its production is exported to India, China and other countries.

One of the most powerful oil refineries and petrochemical complexes with the depth of oil refining 80% is located in Ufa.

More than 100 world records were achieved on airplanes with Ufa engines.

Every sixth ton of Russian diesel fuel is produced in Ufa