Ufa is unique in terms of logistics. The city is a major transportation hub, being situated at the intersection of rail, air, river, road and pipework routes, connecting the European part of Russia with the Urals and Siberia.

Transport strategy of Ufa emphasizes development of roads structure and creation of efficient and attractive public transport system. Urban transport network is upgraded in accordance with international standards: streets are being expanded and improved; construction of new roads and interchanges is under way, as well as construction of infrastructure facilities.

In addition to road transport network, Ufa develops high-speed trams and Metrobus, and also bicycle paths and pedestrian walkways.

For safety and convenience of Ufa citizens, a construction of underground and elevated pedestrian crossings on the busiest roads is under way.

Ufa is the only city in Russia, except for Moscow, where two federal highways meet: M7 "Volga" and M5 "Ural".

In 2016 Ufa international airport won “Air Gates of Russia” national award in the nomination of “Best airport 2015” in “International airport  serving up to 4 million passengers per year” category. One year prior, on 14 May 2015, the official opening ceremony of the new terminal of Ufa international airport was held. Ministers of transport - members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) took part in this event. The terminal capacity increased 4 times. At the moment the reconstruction of Ufa international airport is complete. All the facilities of the airport were modernized. But the main focus was made on the airdrome. The airport is equipped with an apron for 36 airplanes, reconstructed runway where even super-heavy planes such as Boing 747 and Airbus 330 can land. The extended terminals and modernized airdrome will enable Ufa to become one of the main trans-shipment areas for Russians to trip abroad. By the end of the reconstruction the capacity of the airport will increase from 200 to 800 passengers per hour. Flights to 27 Russian and 24 foreign cities are carried out at Ufa international airport regularly (they include Barcelona, Delhi, Dubai, Kiev, Erevan, Prague, Istanbul, Tel-Aviv, Antalya, Tashkent, Dalaman, Frankfurt am Main etc.).    

The total length of the road network in Ufa is more than 1,500 km, of which 92% have improved surface. The longest road in Russia without traffic lights is Prospekt Salavata Yulaeva in Ufa (after putting stage II of the route into operation).

Ufa is the most spacious Russian city with the population of over a million people. There are 698 m2 of urban area per inhabitant.