Ufa is considered to be one of the largest cultural centers of Башкортостан republic and Russia. The city has rich cultural and sports life. Its citizens are permanent participants of urban music and film festivals as well as children’s, youth, district and citywide celebrations. Ufa citizens are great fans and remarkable athletes at the same time.

Considerable attention is paid to development of sports in Ufa. Youth schools of Olympic reserve actively develop. Coaches and trainers in the field of mass sports and high performance sport are provided assistance in training and development of qualification. The material and technical base of the network of sports facilities is developing and improving. Ufa citizens are among the winners of competitions of the highest level in biathlon, cross country skiing, shooting, fencing , handball, hockey. Traditionally, a significant contribution to the treasury of the achievements of Russia is made ​​by Paralympian athletes from Ufa.

Among the major sporting events held in Ufa recently the following should be mentioned:

XVII Summer Biathlon World Championship

XXXVII World Junior Ice Hockey Championship

VI International Children’s Winter Games

Individual Ice Racing World Championship

Ufa is one of the first cities in Russia, where 3D and 5D technologies were introduced in the cinemas.

Over two thousand sports events are held in Ufa annually.

There are 8 theaters, 22 museums, 10 theaters in Ufa.

Ufa citizen Nikolai Krasnikov is 18-time world champion in motorcycle racing on ice.